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How To Best Prepare For Your Upcoming Eye Exam

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Regardless of whether you are dealing with issues with your vision or your vision is fine, you need to visit your eye doctor on an annual basis to undergo an eye examination. This will allow your eye doctor to examine your eyes and vision to ensure there are not problems that need to be taken care of. During your appointment, your eye doctor will assess your eye health, go over your medical history, perform tests for any underlying conditions, and more. Read More»

Not Seeing As Clearly As You Should? 4 Reasons You Need To Visit An Eye Doctor

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If you’ve had an eye exam within the last couple of years, you might not think it’s time to go back. After all, optometrists recommend that people have their vision tested about once every two years. But, there are times when earlier vision tests may be warranted. If you’re not sure when you should see your eye doctor more often, read the information provided below. Here are four reasons for you to see your eye doctor before the two-year mark. Read More»

What Is A Pinguecula And Is It A Serious Problem?

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If you have a strange yellow spot in the sclera of one of your eyes, then you may have a common ophthalmologic condition called a pinguecula. For most people, a pinguecula doesn’t cause any major problems. However, you may notice some minor problems and may need to make a few adjustments. Here is more information about pingueculae, whether they are something to worry about, and the problems and inconvenience they cause. Read More»