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How To Best Prepare For Your Upcoming Eye Exam

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Regardless of whether you are dealing with issues with your vision or your vision is fine, you need to visit your eye doctor on an annual basis to undergo an eye examination. This will allow your eye doctor to examine your eyes and vision to ensure there are not problems that need to be taken care of. During your appointment, your eye doctor will assess your eye health, go over your medical history, perform tests for any underlying conditions, and more. To ensure that you as prepared as possible for your appointment and exam, here are a few tips.

Make a List of Your Symptoms

If you do not make a list of your symptoms as you experience them, you may end up forgetting a few of them when you get to the eye doctor's office. So, if you experience blurriness or loss of vision, make sure you notate them. Some other symptoms you should take note of include headaches, eye pain, distorted vision, flashes of light, difficulty seeing objects up close, and poor depth perception.

Make a List of Your Medications

Whether it is over-the-counter eye drops or prescription medication for glaucoma, make sure that you create a thorough list of any medications that you take. In fact, you may even want to bring them with you to your appointment to make sure that you don't inaccurately write down the prescription name or dosage. The medications that you take will provide some insight into the eye issues that you currently have and can ensure that the eye doctor does not give you any new medications that may negatively interact with your current medications.

Wear Your Current Eyewear

Make sure that you also wear or at least bring your current eye gear to your scheduled appointment. Your eye doctor will be able to assess your current prescription and determine if you need a new one or if your current one is still adequate. Your eye doctor may ask if you prefer glasses or contacts and if you have been having any issues with your current gear. You may also be asked how long you have had your current eyewear and whether you have experienced any changes in your vision. If you are requesting a new prescription, your eye doctor is likely to ask you why you believe you need one.

For more information about how you can prepare for your next eye appointment and eye exam, contact your eye doctor.