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What To Expect With Your Cataract Eye Surgery: 4 Preparation Tips

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The decision to have cataract eye surgery may not have come lightly. It's a surgery that is usually done within a surgical center. It doesn't take long to perform the surgery, but does take some time to recover. You should know ahead of time what to expect after the surgery is performed and what preparation you need to do prior to having this surgery to aid in your recovery. Read on for four preparation tips to use before you have cataract surgery.

1. Run All Errands Beforehand

You aren't going to be yourself for at least a few days after your surgery. Be sure to run all of your errands before your surgery so you don't have to worry about doing anything at all after your surgery. This means getting all of your medications before your surgery, paying all bills, doing all grocery shopping, and any other errands you normally do during the day that you may not be able to do after surgery.

2. Ask For Help

Post surgery, you aren't going to be able to drive, maybe for a few days. Immediately after your surgery, you won't be able to drive either. You need to find someone to help drive you home after your surgery, and drive you to any follow-up appointments as well. If you don't have a close friend or family member, talk to the surgical center or your optometrist about any type of transportation that may be offered.

3. Find Cheater Lenses

You aren't going to be able to see properly after your surgery, but your vision may be better right away. You may still need some sort of lenses to be able to see, so have your regular lenses on hand as well as cheater (or reader) glasses as well. Have multiple pairs of glasses on hand to help you be able to see properly. 

4. Take Dramamine

Usually cataract surgery is done one eye at a time, which may make you feel nauseous. Taking Dramamine or some other type of anti-nausea medication will help you with this. Talk to your optometrist about taking this type of medication beforehand to be sure it is safe. 

If you are planning on having cataract eye surgery, be sure you are fully prepared prior to your surgery. Talk to your optometrist about other tips to help you prepare for your surgery to make your recovery as smooth as possible.