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Want To Join The Air Force? Start Scheduling Eye Doctor Appointments

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After graduating high school and becoming an adult, you may have had a tough time deciding what you want to do in your young adult years and for a career to progress with for most of your life. If you have recently decided that you want to join the Air Force, you should start preparing for this journey right away. You will benefit from exercising regularly to be in the greatest shape to handle the physical demands.

It is also important to get your eyes checked out to determine what vision you have. There are vision demands because you need to be able to see what is going on with clarity to perform your job well. So, you should not hesitate to call a local eye doctor and setup an appointment for the near future.

Determine Your Uncorrected Vision

For getting into the Air Force Special Tactics, you will need 20/70 or better vision with any correction. This means that some people will be naturally disqualified from getting into this part of the Air Force. It does not mean that all military options are out of reach, but that you may want to look at other branches. You may also get an examination and find out that you have better than perfect eyesight. This means that you will qualify for most Air Force jobs in the vision category, and possibly even some piloting positions.

Get the Necessary Correcting

Once you have determined whether you have vision that needs correcting or not, you will need to go through the process of getting the corrections. This might be in the form of an eyeglass or contact lens prescription that you get and work on getting adjusted to throughout the next few months. It is essential not to expect for your eyes to be adjusted right away after seeing a certain way for so many years.

Figure Out Eligibility

If you are able to wear glasses and have decent vision, you may still want to look for a more permanent option. LASIK surgery can lead to lasting results, but this is when you should get in contact with an Air Force recruiter to figure out what you can do without disqualifying yourself from any or all positions. You can even discuss Air Force goals to determine the best course of action based on your aspirations.

Seeing an eye doctor is one of the first and most important steps to getting into the Air Force.