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Should You Wear Circle Lenses?

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Specialized, large-eye contact lenses called circle lenses have become all the rage on the cosplay circuit recently. Fans of circle lenses love them for the appearance they give to their eyes, but are they right for you? Read on to learn more about circle lenses, their safety, and whether you should wear them or not. 

Circle Lens Definition

Circle lenses are the name of a specific variety of contact lens that originated in Asia. While they function the same way as contact lenses, circle lenses get their name because they have a larger circumference and a bigger iris. While colored contact lenses are designed to simply cover your natural iris with a different color, circle lenses go beyond the circumference of your actual iris, making the eye look larger and more doll-like.

These lenses have become very popular in cosplay since many cosplayers want to emulate the look of the big-eyed characters from the anime, manga, and comics that they're dressing up as.

Circle Lens Standards

The biggest problem with circle lenses is that they're not manufactured in the United States. While standard contact lenses that are purchased through an eye doctor's office or a licensed store have to meet certain quality and safety standards, circle lenses aren't upheld to these standards.

As a result, some circle lenses may be made out of unsafe materials or manufactured in a way that can damage the eyes. Some users have reported corneal damage following wearing circle lenses, even when they thought they were buying their circle lenses from reputable stores. Unfortunately, this kind of harm could befall anyone who wears circle lenses, making them a risky choice.

Safer Alternative

Traditional contact lenses may not offer a wider iris, but they do a wonderful job of changing the color of your eyes and keeping you safe. Colored contact lenses can be purchased with or without a prescription, either through your eye doctor or any licensed eyewear store located in the United States.

If you're still looking for that big-eyed look, makeup can be used to make your eyes seem bigger than they are without risking long-term damage to your vision.

There may be some people out there who have used circle lenses safely without harming their eyes, but not everyone is so lucky. Until a U.S.-based manufacturer decides to make circle lenses of their own while following the country's required safety standards, you should avoid circle lenses as at all costs.