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3 Things You Should Never Do With Your Contacts

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Many people wear contacts. Contacts are so popular that there are many different kinds of contacts that allow people with all different kinds of eye problems to wear contacts. Regardless of what kind of contacts you wear, there are some simple things that you should avoid doing to protect your eyes and your contacts. Here are some things you should never do with your contacts.

1. Wear Them Past Their Suggested Date

Contacts are only safe to wear for as long as the manufacturer suggests. The problem is that the longer you wear the contacts when they should be thrown out, the more damage they can do to your eye. The contacts dry out, and when you wear dry contacts it can damage the cornea, and different parts of the eye. In addition, the contact will hold more germs and bacteria. You are more likely to get infections if you are wearing contacts that should be thrown away, and these eye infections can compromise your ability to safely wear contacts in the future. For this reason, wear the contacts for the suggested amount of time, and then switch them out or wear glasses.

2. Sleep in Your Contacts

You should avoid wearing your contacts while you sleep. If you forget to take them out one time, it shouldn't harm your eyes, but wearing the contacts throughout the night for days and days can be incredibly dangerous. Your contacts don't allow your eyes to get enough air to clear out the bacteria. The contacts trap the germs on the eyes so that even though you can add more eye drops or solution to the eyes to make them feel moist, you are cultivating and growing dangerous bacteria in your eyes. When you take the contact out and clean it, it will also let the eye flush out the germs and protect it. Thus, don't sleep in your contacts. Take them out every night.

3. Only Store, Not Wash The Contacts

Lastly, many people make the mistake of just storing their contacts instead of washing them. When you take out the contacts, you need to run solution over them and gently rub them between the fingers. This will remove the bacteria on the contact. If you just place them directly into the solution, you are letting them soak in the germs overnight and then putting the bacteria right back in your eye in the morning.

By avoiding these things you can protect your eyes.